Technical Information

No Warranty

Due to the conditions under which they operate, Goodyear MAKES NO WARRANTY AND SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS ANY WARRANTY (INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY AS TO MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE), EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, with respect to Goodyear racing tires, tubes, safety spares or air containers and shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever including, without limitation, consequential or special damages, arising out of their use. Goodyear racing tires are designed and compounded solely for racing purposes and are not tested or labeled to meet FMVSS/ECE Regulations. It is therefore not only dangerous, but also illegal to sell for use or use race tires on public streets or highways.

Pressure Recommendations

Consult your Goodyear Racing Tire Distributor for specific recommendations for your local track.

Tire changing should be done by trained personnel using proper tools and procedures. NEVER attempt to install and inflate a tire of one diameter on a rim or wheel of another diameter. All Goodyear racing tires are designed to be used on wheels or rims that are manufactured to Tire and Rim Association (T&RA) specifications and tolerances. Use of Goodyear racing tires on damaged or improper rims can cause the assembly to explode with force sufficient to cause injury or death. When inflating, always lock wheel on mounting machine or place in safety cage and use extension gauge and hose with clip on air chuck.

Tire Care

Goodyear racing tires should not be stored near high temperatures, in direct sunlight, around welding areas, in overhead garage areas or around high-voltage electric motors.

NEVER attempt to patch or repair a Goodyear racing tire.

NEVER attempt to chemically or physically treat or alter a Goodyear racing tire.

NEVER re-use a Goodyear racing tire involved in a vehicle fi re under ANY circumstances.

Tire Specifications

Size designations on Goodyear racing tires show nominal outside diameter, tread width and bead diameter (i.e. 27.0x9.0-15). All dimensions are taken from an inflated tire under no load conditions.

Our comprehensive line of Goodyear racing tires brings versatility to the racing fraternity. Each type of racing activity is provided with a choice of tires affording the ultimate in performance during acceleration, cornering and braking.

The increasing successes of the Goodyear racing tires in worldwide competition give testimony to the effort in development, design and production of this extensive line.

A choice of compounds is available for some types of racing to best suit given track conditions. Consult your nearest Goodyear Racing Tire Distributor for specific recommendations for any particular vehicle or track in your area.

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